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Default Offical reflective diversion lines installed around Sunset MUP lamp poles?

Rode up the Sunset MUP today. Since I last rode the path a week ago, I do believe white reflective lines alerting path users to, and diverting them around the light poles, have been installed on the pavement, essentially in the manner q`Tzal visualized in his digital mockup. To q`Tzal, K'tesh, the people at the DOT and everyone else that contributed to getting this improvement made... THANK YOU !

I rode the path both east and west directions. It seems to be quite an improvement, though I didn't have my headlight to see how the reflective lines pick up that type light source. Came home about 5:30 pm...saw two or three other people on the path, one with one of the really bright headlights. The difference in marking is likely to be very noticeable to them with their lights.

During the ride east...about 4pm, daylight level was still fairly high given this dark, Oregon overcast day, so while the pavement lines could be seen quite well, the poles themselves continue to not be very visible. They sort of blend in against the background created by the gray concrete sound wall.

This makes me wonder if the pole signs q`Tzal picked out of the MUTCD might still be a good idea to make the poles more visible. Maybe not the full size versions, considering that they might stick out too much, and become hazards themselves, as Alan mentioned. Two-thirds or half size signs though, might work out, if the DOT is allowed to make that kind of departure from the MUTCD specs.
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