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On the lower right corner of the drawing for the underpass, is that a digitally altered photo showing what the underpass option could look like? If so, anyway someone could get that pic posted to this thread?

I'm squinting my eyes to look at it, and what I see appears to be a square opening in a big wall under the road. Height and width dimensions would be helpful. Doesn't look like anything special...certainly not something befitting what holds the potential to be quite a grand, natural setting park.

Unless an underpass settled for would be one of those claustrophobia inducing types such as the one further south of Hall Blvd on the Fanno Creek Trail, the opportunity should be taken to make something beautiful and elegant. Obviously, money is the big issue, tending to direct that plans be limited to anything but the most basic but functional option. But still... . What I think I've been hearing, is that this current process is just to decide on an option to proceed with and begin to locate funding for. The actual option chosen won't likely be built for years to come. Might as well plan to create something really good.
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