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Default Precise Detail

Before I feel comfortable submitting anything I'd like to actually lay out the whole path on a plot with accurate distance measurements. I'd like to eliminate any barrier to rejection and this will start primarily on a foundation of accuracy.

I've gone through various aerial and satellite photo sites and I'm drawing blanks on decent photos. Counter-intuitively I saw better photos in the historical imagery in Google Earth back from 2005 when this MUP was opened; the tree growth on one side and tall noise wall on the other make convenient photography useless on this path.

What I've also noticed is the overgrowth on private lots. Obviously it is serving as a personal privacy screen for property owners that don't want to see riffraff. It is obvious though that these areas need to be trimmed down now and trimmed back annually.

What I need now is accurate measurements of where things are now for the entire path.
Unless I can find what I need online I'm planning to just go and photograph the path at something like Google Street view intervals during daylight. I think I have a 100' tape measure which should do well for referencing precise locations for suggested improvements.

I am also going to go back and check on visibility traps after full darkness. Maybe my smartphone is smart enough to be used as a lux meter for measuring insufficient illumination on the path.


The Intertwine "2011 Trail Use Snapshot" that JM posted on the front page shows that the "Sunset Highway Path" has the highest overall bicycle traffic amount and has the highest weekday bicycle mode share percentage (77%!). What this amounts to to me is not that bicycles should rule the path but that safety engineering needs to take in to account the need to reconcile the differing travel profiles of the simultaneous users.
Cyclists will travel fast. Pedestrians will obliviate their situational awareness in a false sense of security.

Cyclists need to be explicitly shown where hazards are, which areas speed is more dangerous than others and that pedestrians have the right of way.
Pedestrians need to be explicitly reminded that this is a major thoroughfare for cyclists and as such people can't just drunk walk their way on to this path without expecting some conflict.
Especially behind the noise wall this path seems safer than it really is. I'm waiting fearfully for the "bear snack" (4th panel) user to discover this "secret" path that "only they know about".
Knowledge is NOT a crime.
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