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Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
Dear Mr.

The Highway 26 path is managed and maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation. The good folks in "Region 1" are the local contacts. Details can be found at:


Bruce Barbarasch
Superintendent of Natural Resources and Trails Management
Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
5500 SW Arctic Drive, Suite 2, Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503-629-6305
Question / Comment from patron:
Question Type: Trails

What agency is responsible for the Sunset Hwy Multi-Use Trail, otherwise known as SW Park Way?
Its location is from approx 45.505676, -122.75445 (SW Pointer Rd near SW 75th Ave) to 45.506878, -122.774494 which was the east terminus of
SW Park Ave for automotive traffic before it was absorbed in to a highway interchange. I have concerns I'd like to address to the proper authorities but no one seems to have jurisdiction.

ODOT's baby. No specific person's name/contact info, just ODOT's general 'contact us' page. I'm thinking though, that if you convey word of the situation to them, your CGI illustrations, and the link to the discussion thread, you might get a fairly prompt response.

Some of you reading may remember the discussion we had a year ago, about motor vehicle traffic backed up onto Hwy 30 from the approach to the St Johns Bridge. A commenter going by 'Slow and Easy', raised the issue. I contacted ODOT, and the agency got back to me within 4-5 business days, I seem to recall. Think the way it works, is they take some of the inquiries from the public, and assign them to be answered by various personnel. The guy answering the Hwy 30 questions was very good. Still got his name, if needed, but may be best to go through the standard procedure to start.
A point to remember, is that people not registered with bikeportland/forums, will not be able to see pics posted to this site. Guy I was discussing the Hwy 30 issue was uncertain whether the agency would allow him to register as an employee, so I just sent him image files directly to his email address. That did the trick. Once he saw the pics, he knew exactly what we were talking about.

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