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q`Tzal...thanks for the answers back.

Though I haven't ridden the Sunset MUP at night, I recognize the point about lines indicating a narrowing of the path leading up to the pole, being important. I just hope the DOT can be persuaded to officially do something about making this problem point more visible.

As to what jurisdiction the MUP lies within...Washington or Multnomah counties, and how the answer might reflect what bikeportland forums readership the thread would be best presented to; the path runs through both counties...about half and half. The half that's south of Hwy 26...where the pole in question is located, is in Washington County. North of 26 is in Mult. Co.

At any rate, the entire path is effectively on 'The Westside', given that even the north section of the path is on the edge of the western boundary of Multnomah Co. I figure there are people from both counties using the path, that would want to know about its features and improvements to it that are being made.

I'm not sure how I think people may be using the 'What have you done today?' category here in the forums, but one sense I have, is that the category may tend to serve more of an incentive motivator than a information provider. Located in, or linked to in the 'All about the Westside' category might make information about the Sunset MUP more accessible to readers as information.
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