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My first choice is the at-grade crossing. It would be really cheap except for the need to add a second left turn lane, and if what K'Tesh said in the previous response was accurate those will be needed just to handle traffic growth anyway.

My second choice is the tunnel. It is the best option to make Hall a "non-event" for trail users. I didn't make it my first choice because it is the most expensive. If it becomes the preferred alternative getting that amount of money will probably be harder / take longer, and therefore we will have to put up with the status quo for more years.

I don't like either overpass option. Every overpass I've seen is an eyesore. If it must be an overpass I prefer the straight ramps. I foresee conflicts between cyclists and other trail users going around the spiral ramps. So my third choice was the straight ramp and the spiral was dead last.

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