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Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
The path edge markings are o.k., but personally, I'm adverse to any more maintenance striping than is necessary.
Yeah some of this is overkill. I was initially using the main automotive section to extrapolate how to do this.
Equations take numbers and the numbers are simply smaller in this case.
The hazard is no less real than it would be if were on a "real" road with "real" road users like cars and trucks.
Back east it is fairly common to drive through small towns that have widened their main drag and find that the lane is narrowed by Historic "X" that CANNOT be moved so I can say my second image is close to how it is handled for automotive situations. Why should we not expect the same?
Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
Not saying it might not be necessary here.
I am personally spooked by the path narrowing in the foreground + the blind left side sidewalk entrance + the overall speed potential of heavier riders such as myself coming off of Pointer rd. I haven't seen any conflicts here yet but my sense of paranoia tells me that almost any speed is too much here as peds can suddenly pop on to the MUP from a side street with ZERO visibility.
Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
I'd say...yes...maybe move these posts to a 'Sunset MUP related' thread in the 'All about the Westside category, or at least post a link there, for people that don't check regularly check the 'What have you done today' thread.
Originally Posted by K'Tesh View Post
As for moving the thread? I think it still applies, as this is according to one of my sources, is still Portland, despite being in Washington County.
I'm all for sharing recent safety improvements but this particular conversation will stray in to dense legalese and engineering interpretations if no one stops me.
Stop me before I geek again!
Originally Posted by K'Tesh View Post
Thanks for doing your research, and sharing with us
all... I haven't even begun to read the manual, but I appreciated the info you were able to hook me up with.
Later I'll post some small sections (paragraph at most) and ask for interpretation or opinion on how it affects the goal of affecting improvement here and elsewhere; I'm not so good at legalese.
Originally Posted by K'Tesh View Post
I wasn't trying to put down your images. They are really quite good for the little info you had to go with
I'm putting down my images. Did`m with MS Paint cause I've been too busy at home to reinstall photoshop and mocked these up at work. It is a bit of pain trying to extrapolate accurate measurements from a photo without a great deal info on where the camera was.
Knowledge is NOT a crime.
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