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Question Hazardous Obstacles on the Sunset MUP

Fellas...nice work on the Sunset MUP obstruction presented by the light pole. I don't ride the path much, but have noticed that pole being kind of scary to approach, even in daytime.

Seems to me Q'tzal's CGI mock-up of the pole with the yellow diagonal 'Path Narrows', 'Pass With Care', and yellow-black stripe lamp pole base markings show up good.

The path edge markings are o.k., but personally, I'm adverse to any more maintenance striping than is necessary. Not saying it might not be necessary here.

I'd say...yes...maybe move these posts to a 'Sunset MUP related' thread in the 'All about the Westside category, or at least post a link there, for people that don't check regularly check the 'What have you done today' thread.

By the way....
"As for the "S" I've been known to approach 40mph on this decent..." K'Tesh
As a note of caution, 40mph seems w-a-a-a-y too fast for safety at any time, under any conditions on this path. 25mph tops seems more like it.

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