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Lightbulb Move the thread? Naw... it's still PDX.

Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
While researching for those images I noticed that I had not read through the entire bicycle section, only pieces.
I am doing so and noticed the equation as well. You failed to take in to account one thing about my draft images: your photos have no scale.
I could not reasonably have made anything other than an approximation.

I was tempted to take my 100' tape measure out to get a propper engineering plot until I remembered that will most likely have all the details plotted out in their maps database.

Also: with all this traffic sign wonkery shouldn't we relocate this line of conversation to an "All about West side" thread?
Thanks for doing your research, and sharing with us all... I haven't even begun to read the manual, but I appreciated the info you were able to hook me up with.

I wasn't trying to put down your images. They are really quite good for the little info you had to go with, and give us all something to think about.

As for moving the thread? I think it still applies, as this is according to one of my sources, is still Portland, despite being in Washington County.
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