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Default New night photos, and my vote...

Went out there with more paint (Rust-Oleum Professional Traffic Striping Paint), some reflective film (the yellow stripes), a (found) cat-eye reflector, and some glass microbeads to try to improve the visibility of this trail-side hazard.

Photo was taken with a helmet mounted light source, not a flash (camera's is burned out). Even with the improvements, it's still not demonstrating the hazard to cyclists well enough.

Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post

Of course I think that the DOT responsible should be doing this but it seems that designating anything as an official bikeway comes with the assumption that it needs NO further official enhancement other than pavement.
I like this version, however, I'd lose the spring loaded markers on the inside corner. IMHO that becomes it's own fast strike hazard. I'd also insure that the diamond shaped sign is mounted high enough that it doesn't create a hazard as well.

In looking over this... I think you missed something, this is a raised obstruction, so the math should be L = (W+1) S. As for the "S" I've been known to approach 40mph on this decent

Oh! You spotted something I missed... That sudden edge on the left. The streets are below the height of the path, and it just drops off, no warning.

Thanks for the images q'Tzal!
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