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Originally Posted by setha View Post
Mr. Sykes wrote to me again back on September 9th:

Anyone know if they have finished this current round of work?

I rode the trail the day before yesterday and it appeared that there might be some planned sewage excavation for this next week. My clue in this is that parts of the trail between 81st and 84th had been removed. Pavement had been removed in sections and gravel placed in its stead. Made for a kind of bumpy ride. So I anticipate more work this next week unfortunately. A little beyond the 84 SW exit heading south is a blind curve and I was greeted with a coned off, taped off section taking up half of the trail, not much warning prior. Whoever marked off the obstacle were not aware that cyclists would be riding faster than a pedestrian pace completing their turn and would have some difficulty maneuvering around a right hand obstacle taking up half of the MUP. Glad I had good brakes!
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