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Question Fixes being removed? Or just wearing off?

Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
Any idea how your fixes are being removed?

Who built this path and who is ultimately responsible for its maintenance?
Is this responsible party different from the party responsible for the obstructing light poles themselves?

All this planning is for naught if someone is removing these things.
I have no idea who is removing the reflectors, however there is a school nearby, and it's possible that some kids may be "liberating" them.

The paint just simply faded. To get the adhesive of the foil lane markings to stick, I decided to scrub the bases with a wire brush. I don't know how effective this will be, as it is a "temporary" lane marking and I'm out of CA glue to try to seal the edges.

ODOT is the party responsible for the construction and maintenance of the MUP, but for some reason, that I can't figure out, they don't see the risk. I doubt that there's a concerted effort to counter my attempts to improve the visibility on their part.

As to the options posed by you, I'm going to have to investigate, as I'm not entirely familiar with some of them.

Originally Posted by q`Tzal View Post
I've got this idea about "painting" road markings (per Section 3B.10 Approach Markings for Obstructions) for the obstructions. In this case "painting" would involve abrading a strip of the concrete where I would embed a thin layer of retro reflective beads in white tinted epoxy. If done right the epoxy and reflective material would be embedded in the surface still being visible but allowing traction: like chewing gum.
I have some AB Urethane casting material, and retro-reflective beads, but I'm thinking about marking the base itself (in a Hwy Yellow, but I lack the pigments), not the sidewalk leading up to it. Problem is that this stuff is EXPENSIVE... and I've got other plans for it.

I've sent another one of my shotgun emails to several agencies, members of the press, and injury attorneys. I doubt that this can be now be blown off as easily, now that 15 pairs of eyes (not including forum members) are now focused on the issue. [/EDIT]
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