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Default Q: Back up on the Hwy 26 MUP

Any idea how your fixes are being removed?

Who built this path and who is ultimately responsible for its maintenance?
Is this responsible party different from the party responsible for the obstructing light poles themselves?

I find myself wondering if there isn't some bureaucratic turf battle over what is allowed to be done to fix this.

As a geek I've got a current copy of the MUTCD and have full sized and situationally scaled templates of the mandated signage that would be required by law if these light pole bases protruded in to a "real" road. The fixes I have pondered would be scale and speed appropriate for this MUP environment. There area many useful engineering equations in the MUTCD.

I "found" some unused pieces of Corex on roadsides that I intended to use as the sign board. Signs would be similar to Section 2C.64 Object Markers for Obstructions.

I recovered the composite spring loaded spars from some trashed pop-up safety cone "Wet Floor" signs. The idea being that the spring portion would be at the base so when someone came by and hit the sign it would give way.

Looking in the workplace safety catalogs I figured out how to mount the sign bases to concrete such that it would take a hammer and chisel to remove the base. Even tested a way to keep the steel spring flexible but protected from weather and rusting.

I've got this idea about "painting" road markings (per Section 3B.10 Approach Markings for Obstructions) for the obstructions. In this case "painting" would involve abrading a strip of the concrete where I would embed a thin layer of retro reflective beads in white tinted epoxy. If done right the epoxy and reflective material would be embedded in the surface still being visible but allowing traction: like chewing gum.

All this planning is for naught if someone is removing these things.
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