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Lightbulb Don't bet on it...

Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Care to lay odds? I see a crossing coming... none of the others are attractive to me. The raised road is ugly and the bridges are very expensive. A few signs; a couple of lights; and a center island is sufficient... it is a "midstreet crosswalk" which they hate doing but I think they already know it is the only choice they really have.
I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty, an "at grade" crossing will never happen here unless cars go away. Queuing for the left turn will prevent the center island from being made. A traffic engineer was there, and even with two left turn lanes, and SW 125th being factored into the equation, she was able to show that the queues would extend almost all the way back to SW Nimbus in only a few years.

My first choice is the underpass (so long as it can be kept mud free), 2nd is the spiraling overpass, but I'd want a longer spiral to reduce the angle for cyclists and wheelchairists alike.
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