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Exclamation Hazardous Obstacles on the Sunset MUP

Back in Feb, I was riding on the Hwy 26 MUP between Portland and Beaverton, when I noticed that the Worst Day of the Year Ride's route had been marked along my commute route. However, no effort was made to identify three hazardous street lamp bases that jut into the MUP. It seems that whenever I ride through there, it's inevitable that someone will be walking, or cycling against me, so I need to keep to the right as I'm cruising downhill. It got me thinking...
2000 riders, going past these things 2 or 3 abreast, and we've got an accident waiting to happen.

I brought this to ODOT, but they didn't do anything. I also informed the ride's planners, and they could only temporarily mark the street lamps. Not long afterwards, the markings were taken down, or wore off. So, back in June, I applied some reflective tape to the lampposts, and I tried painting the bases with pavement marking paint (I also superglued some reflectors to it, but they aren't holding up).

The paint faded... (continued in pt 2)
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