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Default Overhauling 1972 Schwinn Super Sport

Still recovering from a bike wreck 6 weeks past, I have found to time do a complete overhaul on the Super Sport I purchased a couple weeks ago.

I have disassembled the bike and separated the components. From there I have taken an individual component (ex: front brakes, read derailleur) and broken it down into individual nuts, bolts, washers, pieces. At this time I clean each part by hand with a toothbrush and a rag. I'm just using Ajax dish washing super degreaser and a bunch of elbow grease. After each piece has been cleaned I've been removing any rust with fine steel wool. I rinse the pieces after the steel wool treatment to remove any steel hairs. I then Dry, grease and assemble all the pieces to a given component.

Sorry about the low quality camera phone pictures. =)


I am very happy with the way the way this came out.
Rust specs were easy to remove due to all the large flat surfaces.

I spent the most time scrubbing the springs on this. The end result was a much smoother operating and cleaner looking component that I could have imagined would have resulted.
Here is a side by side with the restored front brake and the untouched back brake. Notice how rusty the springs are on the back brake. Esp. the right one.

Here is another side by side. They swamped sides here. This picture really accentuates the cleanliness of the restored brake and shows off the shine factor difference.

These guys were dreamy how easily there came out and cleaned up.


I've also restored the front wheel to the best of my abilities. I have trued it to a satisfactory level. Overhauled the bearings. Scrubbed the rim and tire inside and out.

I have not been able to remove the handlebar stem. After reading a similar issue on I have concluded that the wedge bolt is stuck/rusted to the inside housing of the fork tube. I have taken action to attempt to remove the stem and failed. I don't have a lot of experience with the older bikes and rust complications so I am definitely gonna take it into the bike shop and see if they can do something with it. I'm concerned that I might bend or brake something of importance if I mess with it. I am definitely on a budget and am kind of bummed out that I will go need to pay for help. I just hope they can get it out without it costing too much.

The cables and cable housings are not in too hot of condition. I'm going to remove and keep all the original wires and housings but replace them with new cables and housings for as long as I own the bike (hopefully forever).

Last but not least, I'm not too fond the handlebar tape on the bike. However, I wouldn't dream of removing it. Its a little off color from the Kool Lemon of the bike frame and it offers virtually no cushion for the rider's hands. I feel like a newbie asking this... but, can I just cover it with a new layer of bar tape without hurting it? That way I can keep the original tape on and acquire the look and feel of what I want?

I'm gonna post an update in a week or so. =)

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