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Default Portland BES designing a new pumping station next to the old one

At least for now, the trail is open. However, on Friday I got an following email from Stephen Sykes of the City of Portland Environmental Services. The email says:


You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in receiving updates related to Environmental Services' proposal to build a new sewage pump station in the vicinity of the existing Fanno Pump Station on SW 86th Avenue. The new pump station will be designed to meet state requirements that require all pump stations to have the capacity to pump peak wastewater flows from a large winter storm event.

The City of Portland recently purchased the property at 7000 SW Caroland Road as the site of the proposed new pump station and has begun preliminary design. Project staff will spend the next several weeks performing a variety of site assessments and inventories on the property in advance of developing alternative conceptual site plans for the proposed facility. The project work plan and schedule are in the process of being drafted. In general, the project will be in design for the rest of 2011 and most of 2012. Environmental Services expects to apply to Washington County for a land use permit in spring 2012. Currently, the project staff anticipates advertising the project for construction bids, pending the acquisition of all required permits and approvals, in early 2013. Construction could begin in summer 2013 and continue into early 2015. Interested parties will receive more schedule details as they are confirmed.

Through 2011, neighborhood residents and trail users may see additional activities at the SW Caroland Road property. The purchase agreement allows the former property owner to relocate a number of large plants and small trees from the property, several items from the existing structure, and portions of the fencing. While the city hasn't yet developed conceptual site plan alternatives, the project team does expect that the project will require removal of the existing residential structure before construction of a new pumping facility.

While the design process is just starting, the design team has been given direction with respect to some attributes of this project neighbors have expressed interest in. Specifically, the project manager has directed the design team to develop design alternatives that; a) orient the overall building structures furthest away from residential homes, b) incorporates structures that are roughly as tall as the adjacent homes around the property, and c) incorporates glass, metal, concrete, and other materials and features that will complement the architectural characteristics of the neighborhood.

Project staff, including members of the consultant team, plan to attend an upcoming CPO-3 meeting to discuss the project. Recipients of this email will be notified in advance of BES staff attendance at a CPO-3 meeting.

Thank you for your continued interest in this project and please respond to this email or call with any questions.

Stephen Sykes

Stephen Sykes - Community Outreach and Public Involvement
City of Portland Environmental Services
1120 SW 5th Avenue Room 1000
Portland, OR 97204
phone: 503.823.7898
cell: 503.823.8341
fax: 503.823.6995

Note my new email address:
I sent Mr. Sykes an email asking whether this would mean additional trail closures.
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