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Originally Posted by HillSlug View Post
Google maps is not being completely helpful.
Have you used the "Streetviews" part? Where you drag the little yellow figure from the scale slider onto the map and drop it on one of the blue lines that appears? Spin it around to get the view you want and then click further down the street to move along it. Clicking through a route with streetviews helps me visualize it.

For the sake of simplicity I have figured out the route into and out of Portland from the area of Burnside - NW Stearns Way - 24th Pl.

I decided that I do not wish to use Lovejoy in either direction so I would rather use the Steel Bridge. I am thinking Flanders-19th-Everett-13th-Couch?
Sounds fine. Naito is the big obstacle and you can cross it at Everett or Davis as well as Couch, saving a block or two. If I crossed at Everett, I'd use the sidewalk on the east side of Naito. If I used Davis or Couch, I'd go over to the Waterfront Trail. Either way, I'd cross the river on the bike/ped path on the lower deck of the Steel Bridge.

Heading home I an wondering what the best route. I tried Jefferson the other day but would like an alternative back to Stearns Way. Can I directly access NW Glisan over the Steel Bridge and take 6th Ave N to Hoyt or is this cars bus/max only? Is there a bike lane on the north side of the bridge WB?
No bike lane; personally, I'd take the sidewalk across the top deck of the Steel Br. Careful crossing the streetcar tracks on the west end of the ramp, but it's a perpendicular crossing, at least. You can go north on 6th Ave, either in the car lane or on the sidewalk (careful of peds, of course). Here's a streetview showing a car in it.

Or you could return westbound on the Steel's lower deck and backtrack south to where you crossed Naito, probably Davis or Couch. The nearest place to cross Naito north of the Steel Bridge is Overton.
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