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Default Springwater Corridor Trail quesiton

well i finally did it; last weekend I rode from my home (near sunset hs) to the beaverton transit center; took the Max to the 2nd/Oak Street stop; got off, then got on my bike, crossed over Naito and joined the waterfront trail. I then crossed the steel bridge and rode all the way down the esplanade and joined the springwater trail near OMSI; picked it back up at SE 19th/Ochoco and rode it as far as I could. However, I rode to a point where the pavement suddenly stopped. I could not tell where I was (I stupidly forgot to download/install the mapmyride iPhone app before leaving and I was apparently in a data dead spot) . As far as I recall, I think I had just crossed 267th; but was disappointed that I never made it all the way to Boring (I was starving at this point, but instead of eating out there, i just turned around and picked some place in sellwood to eat before getting back on the willamette portion and heading home).

Why does the pavement end?
Does it pick back up at some point?
IS there an actual "site" to be seen in Boring at the end of the trail? The google maps app indicates the whole trail actually goes even further than Boring but I could find no real evidence. Help please
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