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Originally Posted by Cota View Post
Hey all.

I'm planning to ride down the coast in August, and on the return trip, I want to hop across the mountains into the valley and back up home (Beaverton) with a stop in Eugene. I'd like to backtrack up the coast as little as possible.

So how about these main highways:

1. Bandon to Roseburg via HWY 42?

2. Reedsport to Cottag Grove via HWY 38?

3. Florence to Eugene via HWY 126?

Cota, here's my limited knowledge:

1) Hwy 42 - ridden only the eastern part of it toward I-5, was very nice. There is a paved back route through the coast range north of this (via Sitkum i think) but it's really steep, as i dimly recall.

2) Hwy 38 - good road, nice ride - really like the road that goes north from here toward Eugene, via Lorane - and the Lorane Country Store is a landmark stop. Also: one of the best rides around is along the Smith River Rd. (parallels 38 to the north) - quiet, decent pavement, and quiet. Did i mention quiet? Nothing in the way of services along here, or people. There's a pretty nice campground (Vincent Creek) along here, may be others to.

3) Hwy 126 - seems busy, having driven it, but never ridden it so really no idea.

have fun!
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