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Default Brookings to Eugene?

Hey all.

I'm planning to ride down the coast in August, and on the return trip, I want to hop across the mountains into the valley and back up home (Beaverton) with a stop in Eugene. I'd like to backtrack up the coast as little as possible.

So how about these main highways:

1. Bandon to Roseburg via HWY 42?

2. Reedsport to Cottag Grove via HWY 38?

3. Florence to Eugene via HWY 126?

Are any of these viable? My Oregon bike map shows option 2, HWY 38 with the least traffic. I'd prefer the southern most route, option 1. At this point, my criteria is just getting back to the valley/I-5 corridor in one piece. Even if it's not the most scenic route. And I'd like (need?) to split the trip into two days, so a campground along the way would be handy.


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