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Originally Posted by Cota View Post
I had no trouble with the log trucks. It worried me at first, there are several blind corners. But they always gave me plenty of room. I did my best to not to be on the otherside of a blind of a corner by adjusting my speed or position in the lane.

And thanks for the tip about Big Eddy County Park. I think I know the place. I stopped in and looked at it on my way out of Vernonia. The place was deserted (it was october though), and didn't appear to have any hiker/biker sites. Even though it's only 8 miles, it might be worth it cost. I'd sure like to get a little further though.

I stayed at Big Eddy last year. They let us cyclists camp in the day-use area, charging us $7 apiece, as I recall. I agree with you about wanting to get farther along, though.

BTW, if you stay at Big Eddy, take earplugs: logging trucks go by throughout the night.

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