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Exclamation Auto parts store, excellent source for bargains!

I just purchased Mother's aluminum polish $5.99 (one's bike gleams with this stuff!) and spray lube $9.99 multi purpose (huge can) for my chain. Went to car quest off of SW Allen. My major complaint was that they didn't have bike racks. I locked up to a tree on a little hill between the parked cars. Good thing I brought my cable!

I said, "You'd probably double your business if you had bike racks." They didn't take kindly to my comment.

In addition a great place to buy reflective tape for one's bike. Course tools are also available for one's convenience.
Sometimes when I'm out doing a shopping run, I'll be offered a free sample (cut of pizza, doughnut, cheezywiz thingy)...little do they know that behind every bite is my gasoline!

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