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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
I've got a couple of co-workers who would have to be passing through there if they rode all the way from Hillsboro. I myself would take the lane, but I don't see them wanting to do that. I've only gone through there on off-peak times, but I still don't like it. Poor engineering, that's for sure.
And in case it's forgotten or not considered, everyone should keep in mind that even with the benefit of fully signaled crosswalks, for pedestrians, crossing the street at the intersections of high volume, high speed speed streets like 185th and Baseline, is a miserable experience almost guaranteed to discourage travel other than by motor vehicle.

The noise...the motor vehicle generated filth and danger, the perhaps unintended but consequential sense of relative inferiority that the design of roads like this one impose on people traveling by foot or bike, probably costs us much more than many people might generally imagine. Regrettably, roads with intersections like this one say: If you're not in a motor vehicle, you really shouldn't be here at all.

As the general public continues to wake up to the increasing need to be able, on foot or bike, to do more errands around the neighborhood, intersections like this one may come to be designed with better pedestrian/biking functionality.

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