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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
I have a troubling transition on Baseline eastbound across 185th. The bike lane dumps into a dual right turn situation and the bike lane dead ends into a pedestrian crossing. Seems is could have been done better but I don't know exactly how. When I take the middle lane as traffic back at the 185th light, people in Beamers get really upset. Don't know why
With dial-up, I didn't want to take the time to snapshot the google earth view of the intersection, load it up to picasa web and post it here in the forums. Basically though the situation you describe involves two very big, wide thoroughfares and a complex intersection. Posted speed on probably 35mph. The bike lane exists on both west and east sides of the intersection, but for people traveling by bike, I don't see how that really much helps enough to make these roads very usable by people that aren't very experienced, confident and assertive.

Looking at a wide angle on the google aerial photo view, reveals a story of what could of been, or...may at some point, still could be. Notice all of the housing developments and retail developments in all all directions out from the intersection of 185th and Baseline; Almost all of that, with the exception of the plant nursery (big blocks of gray roofs.) is relatively recent, dating back to the eighties. Greater foresight then, for what was in store for this area, would have supported creating a separate cycle Springville corridor, paralleling Baseline. Today, creating such a thing would be an ominous undertaking.
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