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Came back to his apartment and pasted this to his windshield:
Oregon Driver's HandbooK
Page 38
Right Turns
Well ahead of the turning point, check for traffic behind and beside you.
Turn on your right turn signal at least 100 feet before the turn and before
you need to brake. Get as close as is practical to the right curb or edge of
the road without interfering with pedestrians or bicyclists. A bicycle lane
is considered the edge of the roadway. Do not move into a bicycle lane
in preparation for a right hand turn. Just before entering the intersection,
look to the left, front and right for oncoming traffic and cross traffic that
may also be turning. Always check for bicycles in your blind spot on
your right before turning, especially ones you have just passed. Be alert
for bicyclists who may ride up on the right side of your vehicle while
you are preparing to make the right turn. You must yield to bicyclists in a
bicycle lane or on a sidewalk before you turn across the lane or sidewalk.

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