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Exclamation Near Right hooked on bike lane!

Heading south on Oleson (IN BIKE LANE) after making a right from Beaverton Hillsdale, car white Toyota (faded white paint) #EBB599 moves up 10 bicycle lengths ahead of me stops suddenly, puts signal on late and attempts to cross over bike lane and onto his apartment driveway when I'm 2 bike lengths behind. I yelled stop twice with a very loud biker fit voice and he stopped, after which he says "You're riding illegally." After which I vehemently stated while riding off, "No, your wrong, you should obey the traffic laws!!!"

I would have stopped had it come to a deadly hook, but luckily he stopped prior to my having to put on my full brakes.
Sometimes when I'm out doing a shopping run, I'll be offered a free sample (cut of pizza, doughnut, cheezywiz thingy)...little do they know that behind every bite is my gasoline!

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