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Some of my faves

Bike Cult by David Perry: an encyclopedic book of various historical facts and current trends, written in the 90's (so this book may not be so current for the hipster in you!)

Cycling by James C. McCullagh: an enjoyable read, especially good for those who wish to be inspired by stories of folks who were way over weight, got a Huffy, rode forever, lost a ton of weight and buy a better bike, a Cannondale, to celebrate. Also detailed for the racer regarding training regiments, diet etc...

The Complete Book of Bicycle Commuting (Rodale press) by John Allen: nice to have or own a commuting bike book to refer to when contemplating daily commutes. Defensive cycling is what this book is all about! Out of print, however there are other notable bike commuting books out there.

Bike Snob NYC is a blog in addition to being a current book written with the same title by the same snobby dude, which is profoundly funny and of course keeps current with what's going on in bike culture with a charming sense of funny!
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