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Default Thompson STILL closed!

I went out last weekend and decided to press on past the various barricades to see how awful the damage was, since the road has been closed for sooooo long.

Turns out, not so bad if you're not hauling down in the Miata. The photo at the link below pretty much shows the extent of the devastation. A foot of pavement fell off the roadbed as things were shoved in that direction by an unstable slope, with some damage across the pavement.

It was a pain lifting my bike over the jersey barriers on the downhill side, and a little less problem following the tracks to push around the end of the barrier on the uphill side of things.

The road is out of commission. I get it. No work is being done to fix it until a lot of engineering is completed in County or contractor offices to figure out how to bring things back up to standard.

But if you're there when nobody is looking or doing work, and if you manage your downhill speed with those cracks and ruts running across the roadway firmly in mind, and knowing that the barriers really will prevent emergency vehicles from reaching you should you wipe out, the photo taken in snow time does represent what the road is like now.
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