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Angry 069 CBF Green SUV

Was riding with Lily on our new bikes tonight. Between us, we had 4 tail lights, lots of reflectors, but not my typically riding illumination (I'm still outfitting the new bike).

Turned off of SW Bel Aire Dr. onto SW Denny Rd, (westbound), heading for SW King Blvd, and home.

Passed by three cars that each yielded the lane to us (Lily was point). Fourth car, which I could see in the rearview, decided to "play" with us. ASSHAT passed me by less than 6 inches.

I had a helmet light, and easily got the license plate... 069 CBF, belonging to some kind of green SUV.

Contacted 911, gave a description of what happened and then to the responding officer. Was told he'd talk to the owner.

I'm hoping that this was some kid, who's going to get an education (like how much cheaper shoes are than car payments) by a very pissed off parent.
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