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Default update

There is no question in my mind that my tires need to be replaced with higher grade ones. Hopefully that will come in the next month. Meanwhile, I have installed Mr. Tuffy's tire liners. I have high hopes of utilizing these for a few years.

I sat down by myself and had my first "Patch Party". I had to practice on about 3 tubes before I found the right formula of rubber cement vs surface area vs drying time.

I am currently riding on a rubber cement patched tube in my back tire and a patched tube as my spare. I am very happy and confident that the system works.
I will never buy pre-glued "patches" (glorified stickers) again. I am a rubber cement patch guy from here on out!

By taking my time and patching my tubes according to instructions I was able to recoup 30 dollars of puncture tubes.

I'm what you would call a "happy camper".

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