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Originally Posted by dmc View Post
Do you feel the rubber glue patches work better than the pre-glued ones?
The pre-glued patches are only useful to get you home where you can use a rubber cement patch kit. I recommend using the old fashioned rubber cement kind, then use the tubes as spares to carry. Carry a patch kit along with your spare tube. Use the tube if you don't have time to patch it. If you run out of tubes while on the road, then use the patch kit. I collect my punctured tubes and have a patching party every so often.

Get some real tires - you shouldn't be getting so many flats. Even if you get some Performance brand kevlar belted tires for $12.99 - they work great by the way - you're better off than cheap rubber with no kevlar belt. But spend some money on Schwalbe Marathons or similar and you won't regret it.
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