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Originally Posted by Alan View Post

The scenery, the adventure, the're an inspiration, Lynne! (The rain...not so much.) Your food list is full of great ideas, too, yummy, healthy and full of energy. I'm not quite ready to take the plunge but I am intrigued by randonneuring. Mind if I ask some questions? I'm just interested in general guidelines, to sort of get a feel for things, not specifics...

How many hours was that ride?

Besides your bike and the clothes you start in, how many pounds of gear do you carry? What sort of racks/bags?

How much of the ride is with other riders close by, as opposed to solo?

Do you talk/chat much while riding?

One specific item, I'm looking for a pump. I'm thinking of a Topeak Road Morph G or Turbo Morph G. Opinions or other suggestions?
(I'm not satisfied with a Crank Brothers mini pump...very hard to get over 40psi.)
Wow, that's a lot of questions.

The ride was 210km (132 miles), and the time limit was 14 hours. I finished in 11:20. This was a permanent - a route that can be ridden on the day of my choosing, rather than a brevet. ( has all the definitions)

How much do I carry? Depends on the weather and what I might find along the route. Besides spare tubes, spare tire, multitool, tire levers, tire pump (Topeak Road Morph, best pump ever) first aid kit and various other things (ibuprofen, wipes, ...), I might be carrying almost a complete change of clothing. And food. My last 400km, I had 2.5 lbs of food along. I hate going into grocery stores - when I'm tired it is like walking into a pinball machine; I can't find what I want and it ends up being a time suck. I'd really rather not weigh and find out. Better that I don't know.

I eat a lot of junk food too - the Payday bar (not as bad for you as it sounds), Snickers Dark chocolate, pretzels, Fritos (food of the GODS), ... Just not on this last ride. Grocery stores with hot soup and a deli counter can be lifesavers (assuming I don't have to spend a lot of time locating and purchasing the food!)

Luggage - you'd know my bike was a rando bike! Acorn Boxy Rando front bag on a little front rack, and a Carradice Barley seat bag.

Permanents are, at least in Oregon, often just one or two riders. It was just me and my friend Susie. Sometimes we rode together, but I did a lot of riding by myself - she's faster, especially on climbs. On the 400k I did last month I rode with someone, but at one point we were in a group of 8. Nice while it lasted. Everyone is on their own ride, so you can't be guaranteed company.

Talking - depends on who you are riding with. And if you've reached the "not chatty" phase of the ride.

I don't carry a bike lock. (to answer the other question )

Check the OrRando calendar - there is a 100km populaire on May 28.
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