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Default Randonneuring

Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
Yesterday, the Coast Range twice. 5800 vertical feet, 132 miles, kind of wet...

The scenery, the adventure, the're an inspiration, Lynne! (The rain...not so much.) Your food list is full of great ideas, too, yummy, healthy and full of energy. I'm not quite ready to take the plunge but I am intrigued by randonneuring. Mind if I ask some questions? I'm just interested in general guidelines, to sort of get a feel for things, not specifics...

How many hours was that ride?

Besides your bike and the clothes you start in, how many pounds of gear do you carry? What sort of racks/bags?

How much of the ride is with other riders close by, as opposed to solo?

Do you talk/chat much while riding?

One specific item, I'm looking for a pump. I'm thinking of a Topeak Road Morph G or Turbo Morph G. Opinions or other suggestions?
(I'm not satisfied with a Crank Brothers mini pump...very hard to get over 40psi.)

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