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Yesterday, the Coast Range twice. 5800 vertical feet, 132 miles, kind of wet...

What did I eat?

Breakfast at home - oatmeal with dried cranberries, walnuts, brown sugar, milk
Greek Yogurt with berries

At the start - banana
on the road:
Rye-molasses muffin with a chunk of butter
Fig bread with a chunk of butter
2 Brie cheese - apricot jam sandwiches
1 Cran-Lemon twister (Pro Bar)
1 Sweet Salty Peanut Bar
1 Kashi mocha bar of some sort
1 tangerine gel (2x caffeine)
2 Starbucks mocha doubleshots
bottle of ruby red grapefruit juice

at the end:
banana, followed by a Burgerville cheeseburger, rosemary fries and Timber Joey milkshake
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