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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
The TJs near me says they discontinued those after last summer.

I'll have to line up Greek yogurt side-by-side with my ordinary brands, see which I like better.
If the TJs Sesame crepe is a sesame-seeds-suspended-in-a-caramel-type-concoction, you will find it in an Asian market. I think it's a Vietnamese specialty.

Greek yogurt is strained, so it's thicker. And sometimes it has cream added to it. Heaven.

When I was training for STP, I would eat mini bagels with bananas, and salty boiled new potatoes. All 3 fit easily into a cycling jersey's back pockets. My friend who was a BMXer would cut up a power bar into chunks, and stick them to her handle bars for easy access. How about some dirt and dust with your burst of energy?
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