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The move that 668 ESM did on Setha was completely negligent; the driver would never try that on a motorcycle cop, for example. It was especially nasty with that drain grate right there. He (?) saw Setha and knew he was pushing his luck, that's why he cut in so fast. Do his brake lights look confused to anyone else, like amber instead of red? And his rear tire clipped the curb...very poor driver. That bike lane line desperately needs restriping, too.

I'm not sure about Washington law on that situation but then, there were no bike lanes at all when I took my driver's test. If nothing else that goes to show that continuing education and retesting for drivers is needed just to deal with changing laws and traffic. I do know that around Vancouver, where a bike lane crosses a dedicated right turn lane, they stripe the bike lane with dashed lines for the cross-over to the left of the right turn lane. Most cars obey it well enough, but I am very careful to check before I merge over. I have had to hit the brakes and swerve right on occassion.

It's not WA law but the WA driver's guide is linked from here (1.3Mb .pdf). Page 78 "Space for Bicyclists" says:
Bicycle lanes are marked with solid white lines. You
must yield to bicycles in a bicycle lane. Do not drive in
a bicycle lane except when making a turn, entering or
leaving an alley, private road or driveway, or when you
need to cross the bicycle lane to park near the curb. Do
not park in a bicycle lane.
That makes it sound legal for cars to do that sort of move in WA. That section also mentions 39,000 bikers injured or killed annually.

Wsbob, I haven't heard any proposals to require visiting out-of-state drivers to be tested, just drivers moving into a new state. I thought that was already required, at least for WA, it seems like a good common-sense rule, but apparently not according to the DOL website: " won’t need to take a knowledge test or a driving test unless you have a medical or physical condition that indicates testing is required." Yes, testing visitors would be hugely complicated and somehow I imagine it would fall afoul of some federal laws.

In Dutch cities where drivers are very aware of bikes, they'll just wait patiently for a break in ped/bike traffic, even if it's a crowded crossing and they have to wait several minutes. They don't get pushy or flustered, just wait until it's their turn. Even on Williams such a break would come fairly quickly, faster than tourist parts of Amsterdam. It will take some getting-used-to by our drivers, I guess.

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