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I'm not sure about the bike lane being used as an 'all vehicles' right turn transition lane, idea. California does it, so I suppose it works in some form. Cyclists there probably are often cut off further back from the intersection as motorists transition into the bike lane to prepare for a right turn.

Is this happening as I visualize, and if so, is this the worse that's happening with this measure for reducing right hooks? If true, maybe that approach is worth considering as a means to enabling safe, efficient flow of traffic on the road.

It's no doubt true that Californians and other out of state visitors that find the need to drive in Oregon, aren't actively aware of all differences that may exist between their state...or countries...road use regulations, and Oregon's. Would though, the people of Oregon, support an actual measure requiring all such road users to test before being allowed access to roads within Oregon (at least roads the state has authority over.)? Think of what that would involve.

If Oregon should ever get to the point (maybe it already exists over on Williams Ave.) where the number of cyclists on the road is so great that a motor vehicle operator in a main lane would never have a gap in the flow of cyclists in the bike lane so as to maneuver their motor vehicle across the bike lane and into a right turn, maybe the California measure would be one necessary to take.
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