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I believe Californians and Washingtonians are taught to get over as far to the right as possible when making a right turn-- to get into the bike lane before making the turn.

On the one hand, it would cut down on right hooks, but only if the people driving merge into the bike lane after yielding to bikes in the bike lane.

On the other hand... the law says the bike lane is for bikes only, and that cars are not allowed to drive, stop or park in the bike lane.

Anyway-- my point being, a lot of people who move here from out of state don't have to take any sort of test to get an Oregon driver's license, they just have to apply for one. So they don't know a lot of our bike lane and bike specific laws.

Yes, I know that ignorance is never a good defense. Maybe it's time the state instituted mandatory written testing when you move here to get an Oregon DL, and when you renew, and change the renewal period to 2-5 years instead of 8+.
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