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Originally Posted by lacorota View Post
Any guesses how much $ it might take to fix the path? I doubt it'd be even a fraction of their online self-promoting bs. If they responded with a token form message I'd be impressed, but I doubt bike path crossings rank worthy of engaging their corporate radar.
Looking at the satellite photos of that crossing before it was torn up and the nearby driveway, UPRR uses a three-piece precast concrete crossing pad. Placing that should be quite fast, but probably needs a small crane. Besides that pad it looks like a few cubic feet of crushed rock and a few sacks of cold-patch asphalt would finish the job. Crew of three for a day, boom truck, materials... what? 1-2 grand?

As I understand things, Portland Parks and Rec (PPR) and PBOT share MUP responsibilities. In the recent BikePortland blogs about a Sullivan's Gulch MUP it mentions that PPR and UPRR are in contact regarding that big, long-term development project. I wonder if PPR could nudge UPRR along to fix this tiny little bit of existing pathway?
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