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Originally Posted by ong View Post
I have always enjoyed riding into Vancouver on the I-5 bridge, and then taking Columbia Way to Riverside to Evergreen. Lately, though, they've put in this horrible massive housing development and cut off access from Columbia to Riverside. I literally can't find any way to get through short of riding on Hwy 14, or climbing a fence and scaling a wooded hillside, which is what I just did... Beach Drive used to connect to Columbia Way, but it doesn't seem to go through anymore (they built large gates specifically to block access to their development). Is there any way around this stuff? Basically wanting to get from I-5 to I-205 bridges on the WA side, and I always liked the scenic bits along Evergreen.
I haven't tried that in a long time. I'll have to look again (see my other post). From the I-5 bridge, I'd ride a little ways east, then across the Land Bridge, then east on 5th past the Pearson Air Museum. Continue on 5th, cross Grand Bl. (nasty intersection), cross Blandford (another poor intersection, but less traffic), and climb up to Evergreen where you can cross over SR-14 on Shorewood or you can continue on the north side of 14 to Middle Way (which is my preference).
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