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(full disclosure: I am a randonneur. That said, my longest ride to date is 370km)

I eat a lot of that stuff. Snickers Dark Chocolate...mmmm. Those packets of nuts. The Trader Joes Sesame Crepe (1000 calories, 99 cents!). Not so much for the fried food. Avocados. Fig Bars. Hard Boiled Eggs. Bonbel cheeses. Bananas. But one does need to refuel, and you can only carry so much (ignore the article about Harriet Fell riding PBP with a roasted chicken in her handlebar bag)

That said, you can get a nice Greek yogurt in a grocery store, and, occasionally, our routes go through towns which support real grocery stores. Tasty protein. So yummy it ought to be dessert.

I am turning into a fan of ProBars - CranLemon Twister, 360 calories and not a single artificial ingredient. PaleyBars are good, too, but harder to find.

And not to forget the Rando Mocha - convenience store coffee with a packet of hot cocoa mix added.

My strategy is to front-load with proteins, and suck down carbs later in the day. This will change if I end up doing a ride which takes longer than 24 hours...
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