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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
THIS is what you eat on long rides. Read the whole posting, comments and all.

Lynne "Fritos!" F

ps. and Starbucks Mocha Doubleshots!
That's a great article. I like what the guy says about eating whatever his stomach is asking for, but I'm not sure corndogs are going to make their way onto my plate anytime soon. For those rando riders they need a good mix though because you can't get along for days on end with just quick calories. I to have used boiled potato's, which have one of the highest GI's of any food, as do the fig bars. Boiled potato's in a jersey pocket can get messy, but they're yummy covered in salt on a long hot day...

edit: I wouldn't advocate pigging out on candy bars to refuel from a 50 mile ride though. These folks are doing 1000k brevets. My favorite re-fueling option is chocolate milk btw. Oh how I love chocolate milk...

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