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Strangely, it was busted, then patched, then permanently busted again. It's been nearly a year in its current state. There are always "alternative" routes but then why have a path at all if we can't depend on what's there? If a public road were left in similar condition I'm guessing it'd get attention sooner than a year.

I've witnessed lots of newcomers confused by the big slabs of concrete and tape across the path. My method is plowing across the grass / mud and calling it good. I hope bikers wear a substantial trench on the lawn and perhaps then the prix will fix the crossing. That, or someone will trip and get injured trying to negotiate around their messy crossing.

The only legitimate excuse for Union Pacific or collective responsible parties is l-a-z-y.

It's another example of shifted priorities. I bet the bank the CEO's at Union Pacific could care less about public relations and prompt maintenance on some silly bike path crossing.
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