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Interesting, somewhat helpful, amusing post (kent's bike blog, via link provided in lynnef's comment.) As for my dreams...or maybe my nightmares. I don't think I'm cut out to be pedaling that long on the bike. Some of the food suggestions in the comments to the aforementioned Kent's thread: "...anything from Little Debbies..." , "...Twinkies ..." ? What about all those preservatives? Maybe that's the 'secret performance ingredient'. Well gosh...I don't think so, not in my bod.

But I suppose if you're burning up enough calories, and you're in a tough spot to reconnoiter desperately needed nutrition, even roadkill would work, if it don't take too long to fix on the spot. If it's fresh, way to eliminate that problem, is to go for the livers and the kidneys right cooking necessary. I've not actually ever done this, but I saw it depicted in a movie as a survival option, so of course, it must be true.

I did kind of like the idea of olives on the road. Hadn't thought about that. Also, the mention of mini-potatoes. I'd forgotten that I have carried a boiled potato when I rode. Sweet potato too. Works fairly good. It was funny having it my hand eating it in view of other cyclists. What in the heck are you eating!
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