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For a fifty mile ride, you probably don't need very much food. My steel bike has a fairly good sized seatpost bag that holds plenty of food if I don't want to stop. I generally hate coming near convenience stores, but if I was desperate, I'd probably see if the cashier would be agreeable to me bringing the bike into the store. When I rode out to Gaston, I brought the bike into the store and did exactly that. Nice people. Back of the store has a decent little quick food deli too.

Unless you're drinking a lot of beer while you ride, you shouldn't have to be peeing behind dumpsters. There's better places, such as gas stations. Take the bike inside. Buy some chewing gum or whatever. Smile at the nice attendant.

Riding out along wooded or forest areas problem. We have plenty of that not too far away from the cities and burbs, especially the West Side, thanks to the UGB (urban growth boundary).
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