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"... one is called 'routes of man' which is about roads and their impact/significance on society, economics, politics, etc. ..." thumbprinter

Can't hurt to learn more that could help understand what's going on in that area.

I'm continuing to read the Sword of Truth series. A lot of escapist material in there, but plenty of good, deep, soul searching stuff too.

I've thought about your recommendation of the Count of Monte Christo. When I'm done with Goodkind, I might look into it. I have the tv on in the background a lot. One of the over the air stations loves to run certain movies into the ground. Man in the Iron Mask is one of them. In a number of ways, it's an interesting movie, visually beautiful...good portrayals, great locations...but as far as developing values and ideals that the characters talk about, the script is kind of thin.
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