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Default UPS truck blocking bike lane, sidewalk, by 4412 SW Barbur Blvd.

From the description of the video on youtube:
Helmet cam video showing a UPS truck blocking the bike lane and the sidewalk. Taken about 9AM 3/1/2011, 4412 SW Barbur Blvd. just north of Hamilton, Portland, Oregon, USA. Oregon license plate 29355. The speed limit on Barbur here is 35 MPH. Worse still is that there's a perfectly good, empty parking lot right next to where the truck was parked. There's water on the lens because it was raining. I was able to get by because a car in the nearest general purpose lane waited for me.
Here's still pictures showing the license plate and the address of the location:

UPS truck on Barbur near Hamilton blocking bike lane, sidewalk by pdxcommuter, on Flickr

UPS truck blocking bike lane, sidewalk, on Barbur, 2 by pdxcommuter, on Flickr

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