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I road the Gresham/fairview trail today and seems they have found a bit of a design flaw. As you leave the Powell over pass (heading North) there is a downhill section followed by a steep short uphill climb. My tendency is to build up speed on the downhill to make the climb easier. At the bottom of the downhill and covering part of the uphill they used some cement pavers with what looks like gravel filled gaps that are almost a narrow tire width wide. So the fear is that as the gap filler gets worn the possibility of catching your tire in the gap increases. So today I noticed a new warning sign (yellow diamond type) with a picture of a bicyclist, tire caught in gap, flying over the handle bars. My thought is why design a trail with this flaw then think putting up the sign will solve the problem? Signed or not this could be an accident waiting to happen. So far no problem for me but next time out I will stop to check gap width closer and perhaps take a picture of the warning sign.
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