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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
SR14 - I've ridden it from I205 (well, the old hwy until it merges w/SR14) as far east as just east of Carson, then stretches from Bingen to the Hwy97 turnoff

Parts do not have much, if any shoulder, true. I've only ridden it on weekends; can't speak to weekday traffic.

The descent from Cape Horn eastbound can be a bit interesting if it is windy and/or rainy. That said, I'm still here.

Well, FWIW, I'd like to try it when I get a chance, but I also think it's only fair to point out that riders should be confident in their abilities and aware of those conditions. I'll also mention that Hwy 14, as the only east-west route south of Hwy 12 (White Pass), gets quite a bit of commercial truck traffic, even semis with doubles, from truckers who don't have Oregon permits to use I-84.

Places to stop and eat - Burgerville in Camas. Skamania General Store. There might be something in North Bonneville; I've never stopped. Cascade Locks has many choices. Multnomah Falls (try the handmade ice cream sandwiches!), Troutdale, and then you are back in the land of convenience stores.
N. Bonne has gas station food and there has been a cafe there, but it may have closed or reduced its hours in the past year, I'm not sure.

Stevenson, 3.0 miles up Hwy 14 from BotG, has very good food at Big River Grill or El Rio (right across Hwy 14 from each other, same owner), as well as full grocery and hardware stores. For an additional 0.2 miles, I'd take Rock Creek Drive instead of Hwy 14 for the stretch just west of Stevenson. Or go up to Skamania Lodge for the luxury set; its pub has good food, not as formal as the main dining room.

If you want still more miles, there are some nice destinations along the Wind River Road up past Carson. The Stabler Country Store has the last provisions out that way. Turn left on Hemlock Road, then right on FR 417 to reach a Crest Trail access and surrounding old growth research forest. (Last ~mile is well-maintained gravel.)
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